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About Us

I started buying and selling quality goods at a young age. When real young it was mostly garage and yard sales but because my family was in the flea market business here is where my home base would be. 

Graduating to larger markets, and working for years in the flea markets of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, in 2001 I took a much needed break from local markets and focused on Ebay and other sites like it. Being a musician and songwriter I also dabbled in selling digital music downloads on sites that offered the service.

Around that time I started to teach myself DIY web design in which I created websites for advertising my songwriting. It was with my websites that brought on the desire to learn about domain names and eventually start to buy and sell them. 

Today I have several web stores where domains can be bought with a safe and easy checkout assuring a hassle free transaction. 

- ohioguitarman

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Home > About Us

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