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Domain Industry Tips


How to Find the Right Registrar

Finding the right registrar is an important aspect of registering a domain name, as many registrars have unfair terms and conditions and cannot provide all-inclusive services. Look for registrars that also offer web hosting services, and try to choose reputable companies that have a long history of being reliable and professional. When it comes to price, good domain registrars will provide discounts when you purchase more than one domain.

How to Choose a TLD

Choosing the right TLD (top-level domain), or domain extension, can be a difficult process, especially if you do not know what each TLD stands for. The most common TLD is .com, however .net and .org are close competitors and .co is increasing in popularity. Try to consider the intended purpose of your site before choosing a suitable domain TLD. Keep in mind that some TLDs cost more than others, with the .com, .org and .net domains being the most expensive at $10 per year of registration.

Keep the Domain Name As Short As Possible

There is a reason why the most expensive domain names have less than 6 letters. Short domain names are more memorable and can easily be branded. If you want your site to gain popularity quickly then you will need to choose a short and memorable domain name in a popular TLD like .com or .net.

Choose Popular Keywords

Try to register domain names that contain popular keywords, as this will give you the ability to rise to the top of the search engines with much less effort. Look for keywords that are commonly searched for, yet have the lowest amount of competing web sites. Using keywords in your domain name and in your site's content is the best way to gain residual search engine traffic with minimal effort.

Avoid Using Numbers for Words

Try not to use numbers as substitutes for words, as this is not how someone would type in a search query in the search engines. For example, if you were searching for “pants for men” you would not type in “pants 4 men.” Search engines tend to favor domain names that do not use slang or numbers to represent actual words.

Join a Domain Name Forum

One of the best ways to learn about domain names is through a web hosting or domain name related forum. These forums often have thousands of active members that can provide useful answers to any of your questions about domain name registration. You'll also be able to find out the latest information in the domain industry as a member of a domain name forum.

Avoid Trademarked Terms

Never register a domain name that contains copyrighted term, as this can result in a lawsuit, and even the loss of the domain and the attached web site. In fact, many people have been sued because they purchased a domain name that contained copyrighted material. Never try to capitalize on the popularity of a well established brand or product, as this may cause legal issues in the future.

Consider Country-Code TLDs

If you have a good idea for a domain and you're unable to register it in one of the conventional TLDs like .com or .net, you may want to consider registering a ccTLD (country-code TLD). Country code TLDs are just as cheap as .com domains, and in many cases they can rank just as high in the search engines, especially for regionally targeted keywords.

Join Domain Discount Clubs

There are a lot of sites and forums on the internet that are related to domain name registrations and finding the best domains. Some domain registrars also have domain discount clubs that send out newsletters with coupons every month. Joining one of these clubs is one of the best way to take advantages of the latest promotions from domain registrars. - 

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