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Food and Drink

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Potential Markets: Food and Drink, Health, Technology, Science, Lifestyle
Price : $488.00
Boddyl.Com SOLD!

Boddyl.Com SOLD!

Potential Markets: App Names, Web and Internet, Apparel and Fashion, Food and Drink
Price : $150.00


Potential Markets: Gourmet & Fast Food, Law Government, Drug Rehabilitation
Price : $100.00

This very generic domain associates with many products and services. Works with any customer based e-commerce business.
Price : $233.00

A very simple, very generic domain includes markets like food & beverage, pubs & dance halls, bottle industry, drug & alcohol etc.
Price : $335.00

A very valuable, 2 word domain fitting in markets like food & beverage, domains & web hosting, real estate & finance etc.
Price : $166.00

This two word domain fits into several huge and growing markets. Potential markets: Health & Home Remedies, Social Media, Food & Beverage etc.
Price : $300.00

These two words combine a very generic domain relating to markets like: Gourmet & Fast Food, Beauty & Personal Care, Self Motivation etc.
Price : $125.00

A simple, two word combination made for food & beverage, hotel & hospitality, wine, beer & pubs etc.
Price : $422.00
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